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Update: Corona Virus

At the AIDER we are committed to your health, for that reason we have developed a protocol to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus. 


1. Infection control is being always a priority in our clinic, we follow strict protocols to make ur practice safe, but we are adding some improvements. 



2. If you have been overseas over the last four (4) weeks or have been in contact with someone who was and have symptoms as fever, coughing or cold, is safer if you re-book your appointment in 4 weeks. 



3. If you have not been overseas or have contact with someone who was but you have above symptoms, please rebook your appointment in three (3) weeks. 



4. If you have not travelled overseas, have not been in contact with anyone who has been overseas, and you don't have any symptoms, please come to our clinic, we will be looking after you as normal. 



5. At the appointment you will be asked by our receptionists again about any symptoms. There will be always antibacterial gel, tissues in case you need to cough. Items such as door handles, door locks will be repeatedly cleaned throughout the day. 



6. Items like magazines will be removed to avoid cross contamination. 




Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 



Kind regards, 


The AIDER management