Costs*               $4100

Single Ceramic Implant with Crown

ADA (Australian Dental Association) Item Codes


Consultation and Treatment Planning

#014 Consultation                                          Free

#039 Tomography                                          Free

#083 Tomography analysis                            Free

#022 Intra-oral radiograph (3x)                        Free

#071 Diagnostic model (2x)                           Free

#072 Photographic records intraoral (4x)       Free


Implant Surgery

#779 Surgical guide                                         Free

#688 Insertion of one stage implant              $2796

#022 Intra-oral radiograph (4x)                       $88


Restorative Phase

#672 Full Crown attached to implant              $1150

#022 Intra-oral radiograph (3x)                         $66


TOTAL                                                             $4100

To find out about your health fund contribution please contact your health fund and mention the above item numbers.

Pure Ceramic Implant


The ceramic implant is a metal-free alternative to titanium implants.

The AIDER Dental Clinic is offering for patients that seek a complete metal-free solution a pure ceramic implant.


The pure ceramic implant is manufactured by Straumann, Switzerland, a leader in dental implants from 100% zirconium-oxide.


The ceramic implant provides a good biocompatible alternative for patients who ask for metal-free implants. Until now, however, the main drawback has been concern about mecahnical predictability.


Straumann has overcome this hurdle through an innovative manufacturing process followed by a "proof-test", in which every implant is tested mechanically - a level of quality control that is exceptional in the dental implant industry.


To ensure reliability, Straumann has used a one-piece design. 


The ceramic implants allow only cemented reconstructions and therefore may be limited in some restorative options.

Due to the complex manufacturing process, ceramic implants are more expensive compared with the titanium implants.


Our surgeons are more than happy to discuss with you any questions regarding the ceramic implants.

Your initial implant consultation is FREE (including 3D-Scan (Cone Beam Scan).

*Prices are valid from January, 1st 2015. Prices are subject of change in the future. Prices are intended as a guide only and do not include any necessary pre-surgical interventions (e.g. extractions, bone grafts, temporary dentures, periodontal treatment and other).

After an initial consultation and treatment planning you will receive a final quote which is reflecting your needs and will be accurate. Please note that dental implants are not suitable for all patients. When a patient is found not to be a suitable candidate no treatment is offered or rendered. The results of individual treatments may vary.

WARNING: Any surgical procedure carries risks which also may depend on your general health. This will be discussed with you prior to any surgical intervention. Not every patient is suitable for receiving dental implants. When a patient is found not to be suitable candidate for dental implants no treatment is performed. Results of individual treatments may vary.

Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner such as your dentist or your doctor.