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to Fixed Teeth.

All Ceramic Implant Bridge on Four Implants

Completed for $13,500*

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This is a proven concept of the permanent replacement of lost teeth with a fixed full-arch bridge on four implants that feel and look like natural teeth. The AIDER has an extensive expertise with full-arch implant bridges designed like natural teeth and made out of Zirconia and Porcelain - Metal Free.


The All Ceramic Implant Bridge is a common procedure in our clinic and it is suitatable for most people who have lost all of their teeth or have failing dentition and are about to loose them.

The AIDER Dental Clinic is one of the first clinics in Australia that introduced the 3Shape Implant Studio: A fully digital integrated implant planning system.


This system allows the precise planning of the treatment and the accurate execution by computer navigated implant surgery.

Full Acrylic Denture

All Ceramic Implant Bridge

All Ceramic Bridge fixed on four dental implants.

All Ceramic Implant

Bridge Plus 

Made 100% in Brisbane

Completed for $13,500*

The  All Ceramic Implant Bridge is a modern concept to replace missing fixed teeth. The implants are placed submerged (two-stage) and the bridge is fixed on the healed implants 3-5 months after the surgery.

The porcelain veneering of the zirconia framework provides the highest esthetic outcome.

The All Ceramic Implant Bridge is a permanent solution. With regular maintenance and check-up visits this treatment option is meant to last for a life-time.

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All Ceramic Implant Bridge Plus

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*Prices are valid from January, 1st 2017. Prices are subject of change in the future. Prices are intended as a guide only and do not include any necessary pre-surgical interventions (e.g. extractions, bone grafts, temporary dentures, periodontal treatment and other).

Detailed information about prices please visit the specific site of the treatment option on our website.

After an initial consultation and treatment planning you will receive a final quote which is reflecting your needs and will be accurate. 

Disclaimer: Any surgical procedure carries risks which is dependent on your general health. This will be discussed with you prior to any surgical intervention. Not every patient is suitable for receiving dental implants. When a patient is found not to be suitable candidate for dental implants no treatment is performed. Results of individual treatments may vary.

Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner such as your dentist or your doctor.