All Ceramic on Four Implants





This is the benchmark of the Full-Arch Implant Bridge treatment range.

The metal-free zirconia framework custom layered with porcelain by a ceramic artist provides the most outstanding quality and esthetics. Made in our in-house CAD/CAM laboratory.


The All Ceramic Implant Bridge is a modern treatment concept as the implants are placed second stage. After the healing period usually between 3 and 5 months the implants are exposed with a second stage surgery and a all ceramic bridge is inserted.


For this treatment two visits to Brisbane are necessary. The first one for the planning and the surgery and the second one after the completed healing for the fabrication of the customized all ceramic bridge.

Some patients need pre-surgical treatment such as extractions, bone grafts and other which means that there may be more visits necessary. At the first consultation the implant team will let you know how many visits will be necessary.


The All Ceramic Implant Bridge is a permanent solution. With regular check-up visits and regular maintenance this solution is meant to last for a life-time.

Made in Brisbane

Completed for $13,500*

Final manufactured implant bridge with titanium bases inserted to attach the bridge on the titanium abutments of the implants.

Natural Design - Metal Free

Layering of porcelain on the zirconia framework by a ceramic artist at the AIDER Dental Laboratory.

Boutique Dental Laboratory

Most implant bridges are made out of acrylic teeth fixed on a metal framework - usually a chrome-cobalt casted framework. 

Superior bridges are made out of zirconia (monolythic zirconia), which is a permanent metal-free solution - made completely digital and therefore cost-effective - but often limited in esthetic appearance.

To achieve the best esthetic result we customize the appearance by layering porcelain on the zirconia framework.

The ceramic artist will see the patient and discusses shade, form and shape of the future teeth. So the patient is involved when it comes to the esthetics of the future teeth to be made.

Treatment Sequences**, Costs* and Warranty

First Visit (3 Appointments within 2 Days)

Appointment 1: Consultation, Assessment and Treatment Planning, Final Quotation

Thorough assessment and treatment planning is essential to achieve a successful outcome.

With a cone beam scan (3D) and an intra-oral scan (3D) we assess the volume of the bone and the related tooth and soft tissue structures.


Appointment 2: Presurgical Treatment

Before implant surgery can go ahead any other issues with teeth and gums (e.g. gum disease) have to be resolved. Note, that presurgical treatment attracts extra fees. 

Appointment 3: Implant Surgery

Four dental implants are placed under local anaesthesia with the help of a surgical guide manufactured from the in-house laboratory using the digital data of the 3D-computer planning (computer guided surgery).

Costs*               $13.500

All Ceramic Implant Bridge Plus

Delayed loading. 10 Teeth.

ADA Item Codes


Consultation and Treatment Planning

#014 Consultation                                          Free

#039 Tomography                                          Free

#083 Tomography analysis                            Free

#022 Intra-oral radiograph (3x)                        Free

#071 Diagnostic model (2x)                           Free

#072 Photographic records intraoral (4x)       Free


Implant Surgery

#779 Surgical guide                                         Free

#684 Insertion of second stage implant (4x)   $6800

#022 Intra-oral radiograph (4x)                       $88


Restorative Phase

#691 Second stage surgery (4x)                       $1000

#661 Fitting of implant abutment (4x)             $1020

#672 Full Crown attached to implant (4x)       $3200

#643 Bridge Pontic (6x)                                   $1326

#022 Intra-oral radiograph (3x)                          $66


TOTAL                                                             $13,500

Second Visit (5 Appointments within 3-5 Days)

Appointment 4: Second Stage Surgery

After successfull healing (usually 3-6 months after dental implant surgery) of the implants the implants are exposed with a small surgical intervention and healing abutments are installed to allow the gums to heal nicely around the implant.

Appointment 5: Implant Impression

An impression is made with a special tray. 

Appointment 6: Bite Registration

With a special device a registration of the position of both jaws is made. This procedure takes only a few minutes.

Appointment 7: Wax-Try-In

The final design of the implant bridge is made with teeth in wax. The patient has the possiblity to see the result before the final production step. Changes can be made.

Appointment 8: Final Delivery

The final porcelain bridge is inserted and the access holes to the implants are sealed with acrylic material that is also used for dental fillings.



Limited warranty (replacement only at the AIDER Dental Clinic) for dental implant reconstructions:

Abutment and Framework: 15 years

Crown: 5 years

Implant components from manufacturer: 30 years.


Warranty is only valid if patients return for the yearly check-up at the AIDER Dental Clinic. Failures due to accidents are not covered.



Your initial implant consultation is FREE (including 3D-Scan (Cone Beam Scan).

Why choose the AIDER?

Highly experienced dentists in Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry performing exclusively Implant Surgery on a daily basis.

All services are provided under one roof: Streamlined digital processes from the clinic to the dental laboratory.


Exclusive Metal Free Restorations - 100% Biocompatible


Boutique In-house Dental Laboratory


Premium Swiss and German Implants and Biomaterials TGA approved


Affordable fees without compromising quality and service


Limited Warranty on Restorations

Our choice of Dental Implants and Biomaterials


*Prices are valid from January, 1st 2016. Prices are subject of change in the future. Prices are intended as a guide only and do not include any necessary pre-surgical interventions (e.g. extractions, bone grafts, temporary dentures, periodontal treatment and other).

After an initial consultation and treatment planning you will receive a final quote which is reflecting your needs and will be accurate. Please note that dental implants are not suitable for all patients. When a patient is found not to be a suitable candidate no treatment is offered or rendered. The results of individual treatments may vary.

**WARNING: Any surgical procedure carries risks which also may depend on your general health. This will be discussed with you prior to any surgical intervention. Not every patient is suitable for receiving dental implants. When a patient is found not to be suitable candidate for dental implants no treatment is performed. Results of individual treatments may vary.

Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner such as your dentist or your doctor.