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All Ceramic Bridge
on 6 implants

Made in Brisbane

Costs explained

Restoring a complete arch of teeth with full dental implants can require multiple teeth implants to ensure the bridge is properly supported. The exact number of implants required can vary depending on the number of teeth to be restored and the existing bone mass.

Full mouth dental implants price depends on multiple factors including:

  • Number of implants

  • If a bone graft is required (do not have a sufficient bone to anchor the post)

  • If sinus lift is required (do not have adequate levels in sinus tissues)

The total restoration treatment cost is also dependent on whether any additional procedures are required, for example, tooth extraction. 

Why are 6 implants the better choice?

If you choose more implants then you’re assured of more bone strength and structural integrity by default

If we have to hold a longer bridge we recommended to go with 6 implants. This treatment is designed for patients with enough bone structure because it maximises bone potential and gives greater support. 

However, some may ask why they should choose 6 implants as opposed to 4 implants? It is a decision that should be made on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a more extensive reconstruction is needed, 6 implants are a better choice because the additional implants provide more support. 

This is case specific and will be discussed in detail with the patient. 

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