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Q & A about Tooth Whitening

1.    Should I be whitening my teeth?


Not everyone is suitable. Your teeth and gums need to be in a healthy condition prior to whitening. The safest way to work out if you area suitable candidate is to visit one of our hygienists at The AIDER first. We will check enamel thickness, receding gums, existing restorations (fillings/crowns) and overall oral health.


2.    When is tooth whitening not suitable?


It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or for those under the age of 16 years.


3.    Can tooth whitening whiten crowns or veneers?


If you have existing crowns, veneers or fillings on your front teeth they will not whiten during the procedure. Only natural tooth surface will whiten. However, after whitening you can change your fillings/crowns to match the new whiter shade of your teeth if you wish.


4.    Is tooth whitening painful?

Tooth whitening is generally comfortable and pain free. However some patients may experience some sensitivity. There are a number of different ways we can help reduce sensitivity during the procedure should you experience it.


5.    What is involved in the tooth whitening procedure?


The first step is to come into us at The AIDER for a whitening consultation. If you are suitable for whitening a thorough scale and clean is generally recommended. At this appointment we will also take molds of your teeth in order to make whitening trays. A week later you will come back for the whitening procedure. This appointment will last approximately an hour and a half. All you need to do it lie back, relax and listen to some music!


6.    What results can I expect?


Everyone is different. However most people can expect to see an impressive result. White teeth generally make a person also look younger!! 

7.    Is it safe?


If carried out by a trained dental professional, whitening is perfectly safe. Whitening carried out by someone other then a dental professional is often not regulated and the products they use often do not have enough safety data or evidence to support their use. This can result in burned gums,blistered lips or even more serious consequences.


8.    Which whitening system is used at The AIDER?


At The AIDER we use the Philips ZOOM!® White Speed whitening system, which uses a LED light to increase the effect of the whitening agent, used. It is one of the most advanced whitening systems available on the market today.



9.    How long will the results last?


This is completely dependent on your lifestyle, for example, how much tea, coffee or red wine you consume, as all are notorious for staining teeth.We provide a complementary whitening kit for you to use at home should you ever wish to top up the whiteness of your teeth.


WARNING: Any dental or surgical procedure carries risks which also may depend on your general health. This will be discussed with you prior to any dental intervention. 

Individual results may vary from presented case.

Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner such as your dentist or your doctor.

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